The Emerging Technology Coordination Committee (ETCC) develops and enhances the UK amateur radio repeater and data communications systems and promotes the introduction and rollout of appropriate new technologies.


The South Hampshire Group is very pleased to report that finally after several years of asking and demanding over £1420 of our groups fund be returned to us after our account was frozen without warning by PAYPAL on the basis they accused us of being a money laundering group! This money was being saved to purchase a set of 2m Repeater filters for GB7IV, their selfishesss delayed our project by over a year. For any other groups make Paypal return your funds,.. We received no sorrys or interest. /G4MYS

*GB3NM 433.175 +1.6Mhz 71.9Hz*
Finally worked it out!! So we have Voice ID on NM…
A Long Voice ID with some detail on how to access the repeater and a website link on the hour! Followed by CW-ID on the transmission tail.
A Short Voice ID every 20mins. The standard CW-ID will still run at the end of the repeater’s tail transmission on QSO, keyup (1s or more) and Voice ID.
The MMDVM logic has been interfaced for Voice telemetry, future weather reports and a listen in feature. There is no access to the repeater from the AllStar or EchoLink networks via Personal nodes, repeaters or Network nodes. We have done this to preserve its local heritage of the repeater and its local users. This repeater runs MMDVM FM only and runs a modern accessible MMDVM logic for easy maintenance and less site visits! Highly recommended for modern, next generation FM repeaters. (Fully interfaced with USRP protocol!)
Enjoy! /M0VUB

GB3WR, 2m FM repeater and GB7PM, 70cm Fusion repeater have both been closed down temporarily, while a new site is found for the repeaters to operate from.
GB3WR is one of the UK's oldest repeaters, having been on air from the BBC Mendip Penhill mast since the 1970's with Pye equipment and custom logic control. In the early 2000's due to a change of ownership of the BBC mast, GB3WR was lucky enough to move to a site on the Western edge of the Mendips, on a site owned by the Home Office. This site was sold to a new owner in 2011 and WR has been able to remain there until increasing electricity and rental charges have forced another site change.
For anyone wanting to keep in touch with the repeater group, as they search for a new site, there is a Facebook page (search for GB3WR) and for those who don't have Facebook, there's an email group, which can be found at

GB3NM is back on air! Fully rebuilt. The Nottingham UHF Repeater. It’s running an MMDVM logic (FM Only) powered by Motorola equipment. Frequency is 433.175Mhz +1.6Mhz offset, 71.9Hz CTCSS ENC/DEC. Currently putting out 4.8w at Mapperley Ridge. YOU MUST USE WIDE DEVIATION AT 5Khz (25Khz Bandwidth.) The repeater is capable of all modes, including AllStar but is not connected at this time, as we want to keep this a local FM box. Standard timeout is 5 mins of waffle time! The repeater beacons 5 mins GB3NM B. Enjoy !! /M0VUB
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