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Apply for a new Repeater, Gateway or Packet NoV
Apply for a new UK AMATEUR BEACON (includes BEACON Site Changes)
Use your Secure Access Code for continuing VETTING (all types)
Report a Change of Operational STATUS
Send a short message to an ETCC member
Send us a NEWS item for publication
Apply to RENEW your NOV when applicable
Request a coverage prediction map (not for Gateways)
Apply for your Secure Access Code (Licence copy will be required)
Apply for a Change of KEEPER (by existing Keeeper)
Permanently Closedown Station (by the Keeeper)
UPDATE non-NoV details, e.g. Closedown Ops, email or group web link
Use your Secure Access Code to part-populate a new application form
Enter callsign above to search then click on the link if found.
If FIRST SWITCH-ON of a new repeater then send us a NEWS ITEM instead!
If PERMANENT CLOSEDOWN (Second NoV Request) then send a SECOND NOV request instead!

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